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In loving memory of Nathan Maddox
Sept 25 1991 - Feb 12 2012

Fluttershy dangled from the ceiling beam with the rope tied in a noose around her neck. Eyes and mouth closed as her body gently swayed back and forth from a light chilling breezing through the open door. There was much shock and awe in the atmosphere as Twilight and Spike had their eyes widened for a mere 10 seconds before one of them snapped into action.

"Oh no, oh no! Fluttershy please no," Twilight's horn lit up as she casted a levitation spell to gently lift the lifeless pony and remove the noose from around her neck. She was careful enough to be sure that her head was as immobile as possible.

"Spike, hand me that couch pillow over there." She said urgently, gently setting the pegasus down on the floor with her friend's head on her hooves. Spike just stood there, unable to move. He was too scared to move.

"Spike!" Twilight yelled.

The purple dragon then began to tear up. Snapping out of his trance, he ran over to the couch and handed the pillow to Twilight, who then placed it underneath Fluttershy's head. She looked closely at her friend's emotionless face, placing a hoof on her cheek.

Spike was sniffling. "Flutt-ttershy. Is she….d-d-de"

"Calm down Spike. Her tear drops are still wet and moist, so I don't think this didn't happen too long ago." She then placed an ear down on Fluttershy's chest. "She's not breathing but I can still hear her heartbeat. We need to get her to the hospital."

Twilight's horn lit up again as worked her magic to pull on the rope still attached to the ceiling bean until it snapped. Moving the pillow under her friend's neck, she levied the rope under the pillow and then tied it around Fluttershy's neck, making sure that it wasn't too tight.

"I-is sh-she gonna be o-o-okay?" Spike's tears were becoming stronger, more worried, more sad, more depressed. So many thoughts were running through his head.

"I don't know, but right now she needs medical attention. Help me get her on my back."

She laid down next to Fluttershy as Spike daringly kneeled down and gently pulled her over Twilight's back, frightened in fear as he felt the nearly dead pony's hooves, trying not to glare at her emotionless face.

"I'll bring her to the hospital. I need you go to Sweet Apple Acres and get everypony over there."  She was about to run out the front door when Spike fell and broke down in tears.

"But I…. I don't know i-i-if I c-c-can tell th-them…" Spike couldn't take it. He was afraid for his friend, feeling such a big gap in his chest. He was gasping, trying to talk normally, think normally, breath normally.

Twilight wasn't angry at Spike, but was feeling just as frustrated in the situation. The only thing she could do was to try and reassure her assistant what was important now. "Look Spike, I know you're scared, but I need you to be brave for Fluttershy right now. She needs you right now more than ever."

The purple dragon then stood up, wiped his eyes and took a deep breath. "Okay" he replied.

They both went out the door with Spike running slightly faster than Twilight. She had to gallop slowly to ensure that her friend would not fall off her back and that she wouldn't cause further injury to her neck.

It was now dark outside. Luna's moonlight glowed over on Equestria, which made it easy to see the path ahead of them as they ran towards the lights of Ponyville. There was a four- way intersection coming up ahead. Spike had made a left turn heading towards Sweet Apple Acres while Twilight kept running straight, going their separate ways.

Twilight had so many questions run through her head. When did this happen? What made Fluttershy so depressed? Would she be okay? She shook her head a little and put away such useless thoughts. She focused only on her pace and making sure that she would still be able to see her pegasus friend again.


"Whoa there sugar cube. Take a deep breath so ya can tell us what yer try'n ta say."

All three ponies just stared at Spike as he was trying to catch his breath, panting hard with his hands on his knees, feeling more emotionally tired than he was physically tired.  He tried slowing his breaths, but his heart was still racing from what he had just witnessed minutes ago. Trying to mutter even a word proved to be a challenge.

After a whole minute of panting silence, Pinkie spoke up. "What going on silly? Did something happen?"

"Something bad?" Rainbow asked.

The purple dragon just stared at the ground, still panting as more tears started to form. The three ponies could now see that something was definitely wrong. Applejack then stepped forward and placed a hoof on Spike's face.

"Spike, take a deep breath, slow down and try ta think of what yer gonna say."

He finally calmed down and took a few deep breaths. "It's Fluttershy! Sh-she's just… uh-uh…uh."

"Fluttershy? What about Fluttershy? Is she okay?" Rainbow asked.

Spike hated himself for what he was about say. "No! She's in trouble! She just tried to kill herself!"

"What!?" All three ponies had said simultaneously with their jaws dropped in shock, thinking that this had to be some kind of sick joke.

"W-where? Is she okay?" Rainbow began to panic.

"Twilight and I were just at Fluttershy's house and then she was….she was-"

"Don't worry about the details there sugar cube. Now can ya tell us where she is right now?"

"Twilight is on her way taking her to the hospital, so she needs you guys to meet up there and-"

"We're on it Spike! Let's get goin' girls!" Applejack's reflexes kicked in and began running towards Ponyville with Pinkie Pie following behind and Rainbow Dash scooping up Spike in her hooves; carrying him for only a few seconds before setting him down on Pinkie's back.

Rainbow hovered over Applejack. "Where's Ponyville Hospital?"She asked

"It's about 5 blocks down west from the post office."

"I'll go on ahead and make double sure that she's okay!" She yelled.

"Hop to it then. We'll catch up ta you later. Go!" Applejack yelled back.

The blue pegasus took off and climbed high into the sky, disappearing in a matter of seconds. The two remaining ponies ran faster as Spike tried to hold on to Pinkie's mane, which he thought would've bothered her, but her thoughts were elsewhere.

They both felt such confusion in the situation, knowing that the only thing that mattered right now was getting to that hospital. Applejack slowed down her pace a little and pulled alongside Pinkie while looking at the terrified dragon.

"Spike, you sure this is true? It's not some kinda mistake?" She yelled.

He clenched his wet eyes closed while squeezing harder on Pinkie's mane for a few seconds before speaking. "I saw it with my own eyes!" He cried.

Pinkie turned her head back at Spike while continuing to gallop. "Don't you worry Spike! Twilight's with her. She'll be just fine and everything will work out."  She hoped.

"Come on Pinkie! We can't be wastin' any time!"

"Hold on tight Spike!"

Both ponies leaned their neck forward and kicked it into high gear, running faster than they had ever hoped to achieve. Nothing could stop them now.


Twilight didn't want to run directly through town with an unconscious Fluttershy on her back in public, but she had no choice. The quickest route was up the main street, where dozens of other ponies were enjoying the nightlife. She sped past many staring ponies, curiously watching her run by. The last thing Twilight wanted to do was make this incident public, but her life was more important at this point. Up ahead she saw a crowd of ponies just leaving the restaurant from a night's dinner.

"Move! This is an emergency!" She yelled, swerving towards the right around the group of ponies, forcing two of them to step aside. She whizzed past them without looking back, rounding the next corner to the left past the post office.

The lilac unicorn began to sweat heavily, panting hard with each step of the weight that her friend pressed down on her back. She was getting tired, overwhelmed, exhausted, yet she refused to slow down. She wouldn't allow herself to slow down. Fluttershy's life was fading away.

The hospital was just coming into view when Twilight heard a familiar voice behind her.

"Twilight!" She yelled. It was Rainbow Dash, descending next to the running pony as she began to stare at her lifeless friend, frightened by the unbelievable truth. "Is she okay? What happened to her?"

"No time! I need your help. Get me a clear and safe passage to the emergency room on the right."

"You got it!" she replied, racing towards the brightly lit sign which spelled 'Emergency Care.' In only a few seconds, her hooves landed at the side door where two EMPs stood flipping through some paperwork. She ran up to them and threw her hooves on one of the standing ponies.

"Please! You doctor guys have got to help my friend!" She cried.

"Whoa there miss, calm down. What's the matter?" The EMP asked.

"Fluttershy! She needs help! She needs help!"

"Okay, okay. We understand. Now where is your friend? What's her condition?" He gently took Rainbow's hooves off his shoulders.

"My-my friend is bringing her over right now." She began to snivel as her hoof pointed towards the pony running towards the entrance. "Please, save her! She means everything to me!"

The two EMPs looked towards the west and saw the limp pegasus pony on Twilight's back. They immediately snatched up their medical equipment. Instinct took over and they were now in full gear, rehearsing what they go through on a weekly basis.

"Get the stretcher out, I've got fresh oxygen in the back." Said one of the EMPs

The other quickly ran inside and just as quickly returned with his hooves on a flat bed cart that had a heart monitor attached to the front. His hoof then hit a small alarm button next to the door, yelling into the hospital towards the front desk as the alarm rang though the hallway.

"I need an IPC unit over here stat!" He cried, before turning Rainbow Dash. "Miss, I need you to hold the door for us."

Rainbow Dash immediately stepped in and held the glass door with all her might.

The other EMP returned and placed an oxygen tank next to the stretcher just as Twilight stopped in front of the side entrance, gently lying down as the EMPs lifted Fluttershy off her back and placing her on the stretcher. Although still panting, Twilight managed to speak up. "She just tried… to hang herself. There's a minor… neck injury and she wasn't… breathing when we found her. This happened… about ten minutes ago."

"Thank you miss Twilight, we'll take it from here. Alright, let's get her to the IPC operating room. Get that CPR kit out."

As the two EMPs then ran off down the hallway, Rainbow and Twilight following right behind them. They stayed behind them for about 50 feet before making a right turn and then being stopped by a security guard who stood in front of the two swinging doors leading to the IPC room.

"Sorry, misses. Can't let you pass through here."

"But my friend is in there!" Rainbow yelled, "You have to let us in!"

"I'm sorry, but I need you mares to step back and let the doctors do their job. That's the best I can recommend for your friend. She's going to be fine."

"But you can't… I need to be in there… How can you be so sure?"

Twilight placed her hoof on Rainbow shoulder. "Rainbow, listen to me. We've done all we can for Fluttershy, so now we should just wait while the doctors treat her."

The guard spoke up. "I'll make sure the doctor notifies you when I hear anything about your friend Fluttershy. You can wait in the lobby until then."

Twilight smiled a bit, regaining her confidence in the security guard's words. "Thank you sir. Come on Rainbow, let's go wait in the lobby."

The two ponies walked down the wide hallway side by side, not saying anything. Rainbow just continued to stare down at the ground with so many questions for Twilight. She was confused and could only recall Spike's words; Fluttershy tried to kill herself. Was this true? Are they sure that it wasn't just an accident? She had to know, but her heart didn't want to find out.

"Twilight? Is it true? Did Fluttershy just try to…" Rainbow said softly, unable to finish her sentence.

"Yes, Spike and I were just down at her cottage when we found her…" Her voice trailed off, trying to not to upset her friend. She then tookher hoof off of Rainbow's shoulder and started walking, "Come one. I'll tell you about it in the waiting room."

It was at that moment that Rainbow Dash was beginning to realize that this really was happening. She felt so useless, like she had let her fillyhood friend down. How could she even call herself a friend anymore?


The two pony friends went inside the empty waiting room, surrounded by glass windows and colorful art pictures where a number of clean chairs were sided along the wall and stacked in rows of the middle. The air smelled of disinfectant and fresh bead sheets with brightly lit lights over an even section of the room.

They both grabbed the nearest seats with Twilight looking up at Rainbow Dash, who was still frowning. She then began to explain what had happened not too long ago, as she tried her best not to say anything to explicate. A whole minute of silence passed by after hearing Twilight's story until she asked Rainbow a question.

"Dash, where's Spike and the others?" Twilight asked softly.

"They're on their way right now; I wanted to get here fast so I could make sure she was okay."

"Are you okay?"

Rainbow said nothing. She was anything but okay.

"Please Rainbow, talk to me. Tell me what's on your mind."

"I should've been there for her. Fluttershy was depressed and I didn't even know about it. I'm such a terrible friend." She crossed her hooves, beginning to feel guilt sink in.

"No Rainbow. It's because of you that we were able to get Fluttershy in here as fast as possible. You told the Emergency Medical Ponies that I was coming and they had their equipment ready by the time I got there. You might have just saved her."

Rainbow dash just sat there with a tear hitting her hind leg, not feeling any better. "You're the one who carried her all the way from the cottage. I wasn't there when she needed me the most. I abandoned her. I… I did something bad."

Now Twilight was concerned more by what she meant rather than by what she said. She was about to ask what she was talking about when she was interrupted by two earth ponies bursting through the front entrance. They were panting hard and looking in all directions of the lobby, hearing one of them cry out.

"Twilight? Rainbow? Where are ya?"

"Applejack, Pinkie. Over here." Twilight waved.

Realizing that Twilight and Rainbow Dash were in the lobby, Applejack sighed in relief that Fluttershy made it in okay. The two tired earth ponies then walked over to where their pegusus friend sat in a hunch with a broken expression on her face next to Twilight.

"I'm so glad you guys made it here." She said hoping off her chair.

"What in tarnation happened Twilight? What's Spike mean Fluttershy just tried ta… kill herself?" Applejack asked softly.

Twilight sighed. "Yes, I know it's hard to believe, but it's true. Spike and I were just at her cottage when we found her… hanging from the ceiling beam, so I got her here as quick as possible. The doctors just put Fluttershy in the IPC room. She should be in good hooves now."

"Did you really carry her all the way from the cottage?" Pinkie asked.

"Yes, I did with Rainbow's help."

"Yer not hurt from carry'n her all the way over her are ya?"

"Don't worry about me, I feel just fine. Did you guys manage to find Rarity?"

Applejack and Pinkie Pie made a quick glance at each other with sudden realization. They had forgotten to tell Rarity. Ashamed, Applejack then turned around and started walking out of the waiting room.

"Sorry Twilight, we were running so fast that we forgot to even stop by her place being caught up in the confusion and all. I'll go get her right now."

"No wait. It's really late and I think it may be best if we just wait. We're still waiting on any news of Fluttershy's condition. I'll ask Spike to go get her tomorrow and…. wait, where is Spike?" She asked.

Pinkie Pie then frowned and turned her body sideways. "He's… right here," She replied.

There was a small spiked tail sticking out of Pinkie's Mane, which was now half wet with tears and sobs. Twilight then lifted up Pinkie's mane with her hoof. She could see Spike now curled up into a small ball as he held on to the pink pony's shoulders, his eyes only half open. He whimpered as he looked up and saw the four ponies looking worriedly at him.

"Spike, it's all right. We were-"

"No!" He yelled. "It's not all right Twilight. Fluttershy, one our most beloved and happiest ponies in Ponyville just tried to take her own life. How can anything be all right?"

Twilight then gently lifted Spike out of Pinkie's mane with her hooves, instead of using magic, and sat down on the closest chair with the upset dragon on her lap. She frowned but kept a cheerful thought in her head as she kindly rubbed her hoof on Spike's back.

"Listen Spike. You may have just helped save Fluttershy's life."

"How? There's no way I could've helped her. I wish you had just left me at the library." He turned his head away, not wanting anypony to see him like this, but Twilight turned his head back at her eyes with her hoof.

"Spike, it was because of you that you stood up and went to Apple Acres to get our friends. Because of you, Rainbow Dash got here quickly and passed on information to the EMPs in advance. She was ready to be taken to the IPC by the time I got here. You did a brave thing today." She smiled

Spike felt slightly better. He then began to yawn; feeling so tired from all his crying that all he wanted to do was just rest. Letting his head fall on Twilight's chest, he made a few whimpers as he closed his eyes and buried his face.

"P-please tell me Fluttershy's g-going to be ok-ay." He muffled softly.

Twilight looked down at her assistant and smiled. "She's going to be alright Spike, because we're going to be there for her."

Spike's tears then seized to flow and his breaths were shortened as he peacefully fell closed his eyes, resting on Twilight's lap. Everyone smiled at the exhausted dragon finally calmed down, except for Rainbow who was still just staring at the floor.

"I'll go get ya a blanket and a pillow fer Spike." Said Applejack.

"Thanks AJ."

With Spike asleep in Twilight lap, she gently him rocked back and forth, humming a soft tune to him. Pinkie Pie then noticed Rainbow who had been sitting in silence the entire time. Walking up slowly beside the silent pegusus, she could now see the tears the flowed down her face.

"Dashie, don't be sad. Fluttershy will get better, I just know she will. You gotta turn that frown upside-down." She said forcing a smile.

Rainbow's silence was her reply.

Pinkie Pie then sat down next to her, thinking for a moment of what to say next, thinking of anything to make Rainbow feel better knowing that Rainbow and Fluttershy had been the closest of friends since they were just fillies.

"They got some of the best doctors in all of Equestria here. It's just like that time you injured your wing, and you got better. When our little Flutter-butter-shy gets out, we can all have a nice-"

"You just don't understand Pinkie." Rainbow was becoming irritated with Pinkie's voice. "You think that things will just go back to normal? You think it'll be easy for Fluttershy to go out in public again?"

Applejack returned with a pillow and blanket on her back, handing it to Twilight as she placed the now sleeping Spike on the nearby bench. They both began to listen to Rainbow Dash.

"But, we're her friends. We should be able to make her feel happy again, right?" Pinkie asked.

"You didn't see her when she was on Twilight's back. She wasn't moving. She has a neck injury because she tried to kill herself! How do you think she'll feel when she sees us?" Rainbow stood up, pointing her hoof towards the direction of the IPC. Her friends were now able to see the tears that covered her cheeks.

"Rainbow! Please calm down. We all feel terrible for what happened to Fluttershy, but arguing doesn't make the situation any better."

The blue pegusus then broke down unable to control herself with her hooves raised up to her face as she sat on the cold, hard floor. Pinkie Pie leaned in next to her and held on tight as Rainbow let herself go into Pinkie's already half wet mane, crying soft enough not wake up Spike.

"How are we going to make her feel happy again?" Rainbow sobbed.

Applejack and Twilight walked forward and joined in with the hug around their sad little Dashie. Nopony said anything for what seemed like a minute but could have just as easily been an hour.

The group hug silence was broken when the guard from IPC sector came in. "Um… excuse miss Twilight, but there is something urgent that Dr. Hooves wants to speak with you about."

Just then, Dr. Whooves came running into the waiting room with a worried look on his face, panting slightly. "Twilight, are you the one who found her and brought her in?" He asked.

"Yes, I was." She replied. "Why?"

"We seem to be having trouble getting her blood pressure to drop. She seems to suffering from a toxin in her body that we can't identify. We need to know what happened when you found Fluttershy. Was there any indication of drugs or poisons used? Pills? Needles? Liquids? Anything?"

The other ponies then snapped out of their depressive state and were worried once again. They all their eyes focused on Twilight, waiting for her to respond. She stood there seconds on end; trying to remember everything she saw inside the living room. An epiphany struck her mind.

"There was an empty glass on the table, but I didn't think she… oh no. I just remembered it. Fluttershy was at the store earlier today. She must've bought a plant toxin."

"We will need to know the chemical contents of that toxin as well as the amount taken so that we can administer the right medication treatment."

Rainbow pushed Applejack aside and stepped forward. "How much time does she have?" She asked.

"We're suppressing the effects with antibodies, but if we don't get her the proper treatment within the hour, she could go into shock."

At that moment, Rainbow wiped her eye lids which revealed a determined look on her face knowing what she had to do. "I'll fly on back to Fluttershy's house and get that plant toxin for you. Wait here doc."

Before anypony could say anything, the blue pegusus ran out of the waiting room to the outside of the front entrance. She stopped and looked towards the moonlit sky, remembering the direction of Fluttershy's house towards the north. Without another moment's hesitation, she jumped off into the night sky, leaving a small dust cloud behind her.

"Hold on Fluttershy. Just please hold on." She said.

She immediately kicked it into overdrive, reaching high speeds as she flew over Ponyville. A blue blur could be seen for only a fraction of a second before a delayed sonic pitched sound followed behind her.

End part 2
With Twilight and Spike just discovering Fluttershy's attemped suicide, they rush to bring her to the hospital in time, and Spike is having a hard time processing what's happening.

I put in a lot more effort and time with this piece than the last one. Hope you think it's better.

Special thanks to :iconmaliciousbadger: for his superior help in the editing process. He has helped me bring out the depth of my story into character.

Comments below are greatly appreciated. I'd also like to hear about your favorite/least favorite parts in the story.

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I cried when I read that, seriously. I worried the same thing after my suicide attempt. Truth was, while some people were angry that I tried to end my life, most of them were ready to love me even more, and start over. God bless my friends, and yours, Fluttershy.
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Rainbow know Fluttershy more than anyone else. I tried putting my hooves in this situation if I were Fluttershy. How would I feel after the attempt? It's always good to remember that there are people who care for you and always will.
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I won't go screaming FlutterDash since I can understand Rainbow's reaction. It's how I like to see her. She made herself Fluttershy's unofficial/official protector, and this event, in her eyes, means that she failed. I can't wait for the next one.
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